Feature Requests

Please read first before posting a Feature Request! (1)
Tracking of read invoice (6)
Enviar SMS en Facturas no pagadas / Send SMS in Unpaid Invoices (3)
Irpf e iva en facturas / Withholding tax (2)
Please add possibility to create delivery notes (6)
Statement of Client (11)
Customer Statement (6)
Payment "Thank You" (3)
Add multiple tax rates by default to an invoice (11)
InvoicePlane2 dashboard: Payments (4)
Price based on Unit amount & Import PO details from XLS or Docx or API (2)
Improve Client information (12)
Automatic Tasks and Reminders (9)
Reminders for overdue invoices - and general question (3)
Calendar / Events / To Do list (5)
Create a new client list (2)
Importing Invoices with Discounts (6)
InvoicePlane certification (9)
Expenses module (13)
Custom date format with php date() (7)
Invoice / Quote Page numbers (11)
Just an idea to avoid scrolling (2)
Payment Account and Bill Management (2)
Company Name as a standard field (8)
Client-by-Client Password for PDF's (GDPR) (4)
Show all purchased product list on client profile (2)
Reset the invoice identifier {{{ID}}} tag each month (11)
A specific Template for each Invoice Family (15)
Credit Invoices (3)
Batch export / print / send invoices (12)