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New template & feature for Offers/Quotations in v1.6.0 (1)
Other Domains for outgoing links and downloads (1)
Add text-area option to custom field (2)
Get a custom field by key (1)
Batch export / print / send invoices (13)
Generate Reports Filtered by Custom Fields (2)
Categories of products to make reports (4)
Previous Month Unpaid Invoice in current month invoice (4)
Invoice / Quote Page numbers (12)
Merchant Sign-Up/Multi-User Levels (3)
UK: Making Tax Digital for VAT (4)
Retainer / Prepaid / Deposits / Credit balance for Invoices (7)
Checkout.com Integration (3)
Replace dompdf (don't convert from html to pdf) (8)
Secure App Store Database in a pendrive (6)
Statement of Client (14)
Irpf e iva en facturas / Withholding tax (3)
Icon for Recurring Invoices in List View (11)
Google Contacts Sync (5)
Receipts & Existing balance for clients (7)
Move FAQ to InvoicePlane forum (5)
Inventory System (5)
City from Post code (2)
Expense Tracking (3)
Cancelled Invoices (13)
Single Payment for Multiple Invoices (or Future Invoices) (3)
Customer accrued balance in account (3)
Automatic Emailing on Send (3)
Advanced Email Notifications (3)