Feature Requests

Please read first before posting a Feature Request! (1)
Improve Client information (3)
Importing Invoices with Discounts (6)
InvoicePlane certification (9)
Add multiple tax rates by default to an invoice (9)
Expenses module (13)
Custom date format with php date() (7)
Invoice / Quote Page numbers (11)
Just an idea to avoid scrolling (2)
Payment Account and Bill Management (2)
Company Name as a standard field (8)
Client-by-Client Password for PDF's (GDPR) (4)
Show all purchased product list on client profile (2)
Reset the invoice identifier {{{ID}}} tag each month (11)
A specific Template for each Invoice Family (15)
Credit Invoices (3)
Batch export / print / send invoices (12)
Export invoice list to PDF, Excel, or CSV format (3)
Request: Export Options (9)
Compatibility with php 7.2 (5)
Make the mail_from configurable (5)
Upgrade to the last codelgniter version (3)
Credit invoice template (4)
Add a role ``Sales`` (5)
Permissions for Users / User Roles (3)
Login authentication enhancement (13)
Calculate total based on rental period (2)
Improve Working with products: Search / Filter / Copy (2)
Total QTY and Line count (3)
Save send emails (4)