Feature Requests

Please read first before posting a Feature Request! (1)
Client-by-Client Password for PDF's (GDPR) (4)
Show all purchased product list on client profile (2)
Company Name as a standard field (7)
Reset the invoice identifier {{{ID}}} tag each month (11)
A specific Template for each Invoice Family (15)
Invoice / Quote Page numbers (9)
Credit Invoices (3)
Batch export / print / send invoices (12)
Export invoice list to PDF, Excel, or CSV format (3)
Request: Export Options (9)
Compatibility with php 7.2 (5)
Make the mail_from configurable (5)
Upgrade to the last codelgniter version (3)
Credit invoice template (4)
Add a role ``Sales`` (5)
Permissions for users (4)
Login authentication enhancement (13)
Add multiple tax rates by default to an invoice (8)
Calculate total based on rental period (2)
Improve Working with products: Search / Filter / Copy (2)
Total QTY and Line count (3)
Save send emails (4)
2FA against privacyIDEA (3)
Family options in invoice and quote (6)
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) (5)
Invoice numbering increments of 10 (3)
Improve the design of the application (2)
Link Quote and invoice to Projects (2)
Additional quote status (2)