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General discussions about the InvoicePlane project.

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Feature Requests

If you have a feature request or an idea for InvoicePlane please post it to this category only.
Describe your idea / feature request as detailed as possible and add images or sketches that support your idea.

Tutorials / How To's

Did you wrote a tutorial / how-to and want to share it with us? Then this category waits for your post. Please read the introduction before posting anything.


If you need help with installing, using or customizing InvoicePlane you can post your problem here. Please read the posting hints before.

Job Offers

If you want to hire someone to work for you please post your offer here.

Template & Theme Sharing

You created a good looking template or theme and want to share it with the world? Then post it here!
Please include a screenshot, a short description and a link to the file. Please consider using a fast and reliable service for file sharing.

Localization & Translation

Discussion about translation and localization of InvoicePlane.