Credit invoice template


When I create a credit invoice starting from an invoice, The result is identical except using negative amounts. Which is correct. But when creating the PDF, invoice plane is showing the invoice template. Some way invoiceplane should use another template showing the word “Credit Invoice” and a reference to the original invoice. Is suppose that I need to configure somewhere that invoiceplane should use an credit invoice template when creating credit invoices. How can I do this?

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Nobody can help me in this?

Sorry for the late response. Credit invoices currently do not feature an own template.

Hi at all, this is also an issue for me.
With the current status I would send a second invoice with negative amounts, no client would get that.

Would be helpful if either the word “invoice” would be replaced it it’s an credit invoice or if I could set up a different template for this.

Hack of the moment: Build a second template, rename it with the value of the current invoice template, generate the credit invoice from the new template, rename it back after you’re finished.

A better solution would be highly appreciated!