Dutch IDEAL payment

Hi There,

First of all, i love this invoice script, i have a question,
Is it possible to make the IDEAL payment ( Dutch payment for online payments ) all the banks have that and customers can pay with there internet banking.

They login on the website from there bank and then they pay, after return it to the website.

IDeal English Website

IDeal Dutch Website

I need this payment so much, can anyone help me with it?

Gr Mick

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Anyone here?

I think it is possible, you can find a lot of php scripts to talk to the ideal api. A search on github will show you some hits. One example https://github.com/juriansluiman/SlmIdealPayment

Can you help me to intergrate it?

What you could do if it’s really urgent, find a freelancer to write the integration and then submit it to invoiceplane. That way you have your solution quickly, and also the community can benefit from it. You could also open a thread to collect funds to write the integration with financial contributions of the community if they also need it.

This is already implemented in v1.5.x with the new payment methods.
You can use Mollie, which has iDeal support.