Sales Quickstats on Dashboard

Is there any mod to display quickstats on the Dasboard? I meant the same as tou have the Receipts Total Current Year - SUM().

Have a sum_totals comparison table to display today/this week/this month VS same Day/Week/Month last Year.


I don’t think we have that at the moment.

If you want you can start on that.
I can make a branch for you to make the development easier for you.

Take a look at this file:
It will contain all the information that’s eventually sent to the dashboard.

Let’s say you want something extra.
It means you have to adjust this file and one of thr ‘models’ that calculates what you would like to see.

In the end you have to adjust the view that will display your newly crafted calculations

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Looking at the Settings I can modify the queries including This Week and Today (also for Last Year) then modify the layout to display all the Periods, not just one (should be allowed to selet SHOW ALL maybe?).

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Yes, you can add a “show all” option if you’d like, no problem.
If you can use a translation for that, that would be great, since the users who are using other languages will want to see it in their own language.