Swiss QR Generator


its possible to implement a swiss QR Code Generator in the invoice template?
it looks like this here:

It should appear on the last page of the invoice in any case, unless it has no space or the invoice has several pages.

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Yes of course it is, feel free to implement it and then create a PR so we can test and merge it.

In any case, I will share all my findings with you all. I was hoping for some support since I don’t have experience with such an implementation.

But I have already added the QR code in the template. Now I need to import the other information in this QR Code template.
These are the variables for the invoice recipient information:

But I cannot include these in the code (see Pic).

Then I get this message:

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: ParseError
Message: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting ‘)’
Filename: /var/www/vhosts/
Line Number: 49

how can i pass the variables from invoiceplane to the qr-code generator (instance)?

As you can see on the picture, I managed to integrate the QR code into the PDF.
For privacy reasons I have to blur it.

I have added it as a function.

Had to add the base URL because the logo was not displayed when generating the PDF.

I have created another folder for the generated PDFs.

the invoiceplane is very well made, also looks visually very nice.

What I am missing is the necessary support here in the community. A project like this can only improve if everyone tries to help.

I have adjusted the “Client Form”, “Client View” and InvoicePlane.php and added the Company field, but I had to take the “client_name” for “company name” and “client_surname” for the name of the client. And adjusted in the code like this:


Hey @Dashmir_Kasa,

A while ago I created an FAQ that actually gives the same result as what you did in a simple way (and by using mPDF).
You can read about it in the Faq section. This tutorial allows you to add a QR code in your pdf template file.