Information about wrong item calculations [Announcements] (3)

Dear Community, this is an important announcement to inform you about a severe issue with item calculations. :warning: This issue affects all items that have both a discount and a tax rate set. Details about the iss…

FusionInvoice is now InvoicePlane 2 ( 2 3 ) [Announcements] (50)

Hello Community, some of you may already know that FusionInvoice was shut down some days ago. FusionInvoice and InvoicePlane have some kind of special relationship as the software is the commercial successor of an early…

Contribute to InvoicePlane [Announcements] (7)

Last Update: 2017-11-25 I am writing this to provide more information about how to contribute to the InvoicePlane project. This post is very important as I only have very limited time to work on the software recently an…

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