Users with access level

How about it, is there a version, branch or similar where the system contains access levels for other users? For example, the administrator should create a user who can: view and edit clients, view and edit invoices, but cannot view and edit quotes! I appreciate your attention

We only have 2 roles within thr current InvoicePlane V1: admins and ‘clients’ or ‘users’.
In the ip_users they are filled in the column user_type.

What you like is Roles and a Permissions system.
That is great.
There is no branch for that.

I think there’s a Feature Request fkr that, bug let’s resolve that once we move over to InvoicePlane V2.

If you still want it in InvoicePlane V1, there’s a composer package by Spatie, a known package creain the PHP world called spatie/permissions (i think)
That’s probably the closest tl what you need.

There’s another package wirh the name of laratrust that one matches what you need as well.

Thank you for your attention, it is also feasible for me that the type of guest user can do more than just see approve and reject, that is, guest can act as an accountant, I don’t know if I explained

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