Per user Email setup?

– A single little services company with 1 instance of IP set up for 2 or 3 IP users (practitioners with their own separate client lists)

Desired feature:
– Each user would very much like to email their exclusive clients using a personalised “From” address…

Whether each user’s SMTP settings are ‘fixed per user’ or all the users sees the same list of alternative settings from which to choose an SMTP configuration is not important.

This may be something this newby skimmed over too quickly in the manual but I can’t see how to do that with a single instance of IP 1.6.1.

Using multiple instances of IP is NOT desirable for us.


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What you actually need is “tenants” in an application. There is a composer package with the name of “tenancy”, but I think it’s only for Laravel.

InvoicePlaneV1 is created with CodeIgniter.

What you could do is add “company_id” in almost every table and then keep track of the invoices, clients per “company”.

Company is then your tenant.

I would advise against it for now, since it’s a helluv a job.

We’re working on InvoicePlane V2 and can add tenancy there.
I could even guide you, so you can make your own PR for multi tenancy in InvoicePlane V2

Multi-tenancy in InvoicePlane V1 is a hell of a job to make.
I can advice against taking on that task.

If you want i can give you access to InvoicePlane V2.
In that repository you can get your own branch and implement exactly what you need.

Thanks for your quick, clear and thought provoking response to my query.
Tennancies, in V2 sounds like the only sensible path.
I would very much like to take you up on your offer to grant me Github access to get a good look at V2.
If I’m going to resurrect my long, long fallowed programming skills I’d rather try my hand in the Laravel world (where my brother-in-law makes his living). :slight_smile:

Apologies for taking time to get back to you.
I’ve been wasting weeks stubbornly failing to get IP emailing while hosted directly on W11 using WAMP or XAMPP, or in a VBox Linux VM on a W11 box…

Of course IP v1 works for me perfectly on a Linux box (and in a Linux VBox VM on Linux).

Thanks again!

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So … developing on Windows11 has always been somewhat of a difficult task with your wamp/xampp, you name it

But this time you’ll have something called “Laravel Herd”.
It’s 1 installer and it installs everything for you.

It’s free, don’t buy the pro version.

Laragon could also be an alternative if you want to develop on Windows.
The full version includes Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Redis, Memcached, Node, npm, git, HeidSQL, Mail catcher and sender, …
It’s fast, easy to extend and you can migrate from Wamp/Xampp.
Laravel can also be added after installation.

Just my 2 cents