Invoice Logo for each User

Hi there folks,

I’m surprise the User Account settings allow you to ad VAT ID but you can’t really set-up the logo there BUT in general settings.

Is not more flexible to build an application that allow to set-up a logo for each user (as they might be different businesses as I use, for example).

Did anyone consider that before or build a module?


Lots of users with different businesses use multiple instances of InvoicePlane: Slack

for example:,, etc

I explained this on Slack, so watch the downfalls of those multiple instances of IPv1

I’m operating in AU with one Australian Business Number but different businesses names so I could have just one script and every user a different set-up to bill as different business.

You mean 1 instance of InvoicePlane, correct?

Well, it’s just going to be very difficult.

I wish you good luck with implementing what you would like to achieve.

I’m doing that for a while for accounting. What I did is change the company field on the user profile to put an URL and use that value on the PDF to display the img src=“FIELD_COMPANY_VALUE” so far so good.

Accounting is together as 1 ABN. Different users used for different businesses and PDF display a different logo for each business.

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