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Receipts & Existing balance for clients (7)
Move FAQ to InvoicePlane forum (5)
Inventory System (5)
City from Post code (2)
Expense Tracking (3)
Cancelled Invoices (13)
Single Payment for Multiple Invoices (or Future Invoices) (3)
Customer accrued balance in account (3)
Automatic Emailing on Send (3)
Advanced Email Notifications (3)
Fix for belgian tax (6)
Client Contacts Not viewable under view Client - Add Phone number field - Add custom Field Support (4)
Template generator (2)
Create statement for customer (5)
Accounts and Account Transfers (InvoicePlane 2) (2)
CardDAV Support for clients and contacts (InvoicePlane 2) (2)
Feature Request for v2 - Multiple SMTP Options (2)
Support Tickets (3)
Gross Sales on Tax Summary Report (2)
Tracking of read invoice (6)
Enviar SMS en Facturas no pagadas / Send SMS in Unpaid Invoices (3)
Please add possibility to create delivery notes (6)
Customer Statement (6)
Payment "Thank You" (3)
Add multiple tax rates by default to an invoice (11)
InvoicePlane2 dashboard: Payments (4)
Price based on Unit amount & Import PO details from XLS or Docx or API (2)
Improve Client information (12)
Automatic Tasks and Reminders (9)
Reminders for overdue invoices - and general question (3)