Adding attachements and Display them within the web

The attachement piece is great but a way to view the document properly is need it, I use it to put designs and notes related to the project in the quote for faster reference.

I added a hyperlink that will display the link to view the document in another page. It has a problem when multiple documents are in the quote but you can relate each document either way.

I edited the file application/modules/quotes/views/view.php

And added these lines two lines above the stop dropzone.

<!-- Ver Archivo en URL -->
$filenames = glob('uploads/customer_files/' . $quote->quote_url_key . '*');
foreach ($filenames as $filename) {
echo '<p><a href="' . $filename . '" target="_blank">Abrir Archivo</a></p>';
$i=$i + 1;
                <!-- stop dropzone -->

It looks great and very usefull.


[size=10]Last Update: 16.09.2015[/size]

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