Embed QR code with direct URL for individual invoice

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I am new to the Invoice Plane, I don’t know whether the IP has the direct URL for each individual invoice that I can send it to the customer, if it has, I can copy the link and send it to customer by some social media like Whatsapp, and customer can view the invoice from his/her mobile and then take the predefined action, or we can embed a QR code on invoice for mobile scanning to view the invoice on device and take further action.

If IP support the directly, I think I have interest to develop the QR code module. Sorry that I am new to the module development too.

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A QR code is a pretty interesting thing I also thought about.
I think it would be a good addition to the URL.

How or where should a code be displayed?

I would suggest to have a module to enable/disable the QR code display and then add code to the invoice/quote template, it is easy to generate a QR code if having specific URL but I don’t know how to get the directly URL for the individual invoice/quote, not sure whether IP allow viewing the invoice/quote without login. Currently I can only view the invoice/quote in PDF format but how can I view online only?