Add menu item "Preview PDF" in menu "Options" to show pdf's in a modal window on top of the current web page


Are there people who prefer to view their PDFs in their browser, in a modal window, directly on top of their current web page instead of in a new tab window?
Then I may have good news for you. This functionality is just about ready.

How did I set this up:
I have provided an additional setting where the user has the choice to view their invoices and quotes in a modal (some sort of popup) window on top of the current web page.

If activated, the “Preview PDF” menu item in the “Options” menu can then serve to display a pdf on screen.

If the user does not activate this setting then the menu item “Download PDF” will remain and the PDFs will be displayed in the “old way” i.e. in a new tab window.

So for those who would like to use this functionality I would like to know if there are people interested in this functionality so maybe(?) this could be included later in one of the next releases… :slightly_smiling_face:

Vote here if you would like to use “Preview PDF’s” in a modal window:

  • I really need this urgently!
  • Please, I would like to use this feature ASAP!
  • I want to have the choice (if needed) to use these two options

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