Set the currency per Invoice

Hey guys, I saw a topic which addressed the feature: Multiple Currencies Support Enabled
It looks like that you should be able to choose the currency when you create an invoice, but I don’t see that anywhere.
I’m using v1.5.11.

It’s a good feature request.

What did you have in mind?
A button? A selectbox?

And if I select the currency, where do I store that setting for that invoice?
How do you calculate the difference between the set currency and your base currency?

All these things need to be worked out first.

To be honest, I’m new to InvoicePlane so I don’t know that much about it, nor have I used it for now. But It looks very promising.

So to elaborate on that. I guess it would make sense to have a select box. So when you click on new invoice, you choose your customer, the currency and your invoice group.

I’m not familiar with invoiceplanes models, but if you ask me like that, that means we have a “base currency” which is used through the system/db. Okay I think that means we would need a field for the exchange rate as well, guess it would be the easiest way to let the user enter it. Inside your db the base currency should be of type decimal of course, the new “set currency” also. With the exact exchange rate you are able to “move” between the two currencies without ending up in rounding issues.

There could be a problem with this approach. For example, you (base USD) write your invoice in another foreign currency (EUR). Your customer pays e.g. 30 days later in EUR. So now you would have to adapt the exchange rate, so that the conversion matches the final value you received on your bank account. So it would be up to the user to determine the exchange rate and also to subtract out any additional service/ bank fees (if there are any).
So when the user clicks on new invoice, he/she can select a currency from a select box + enter a exchange rate (which btw. can be updated any time).
I don’t know, does this make sense?

@sinitcom just explain what you did to get these notices, you don’t need to paste them, thank you

I saw these links of course and posted even one of them in my initial post. But when I see a pull request from 2017, something like invoice plane 1.6 in there, in github a 2.0.0 alpha.1 from 2018, I hardly understand where is the whole project heading to. Looks like there are a bunch of contributors, so if this pull request delivers this functionality, why ist not merged already? It doesn’t look like it is because of lack of interest or contributors.

Thank you for your remark. I can explain that a little.

The current version of InvoicePlane is 1.5.11.
Someone created a version 1.6.0 meaning that was the next version in the future to come out.
In the meantime we kept going with versions 1.5, releasing small versions.

The pull-request was created towards that 1.6.0 branch and I checked it recently. It’s basically version 1.5.3 with some improvements (and then the improvements from the pull-request).

So now we have a difference between that pull-request and 1.5.11.
I cannot merge it directly, it will give some merge conflicts.

What I’ve done in the meantime is:

  • Grab the 1.5.12 branch
  • Grab some other pull-requests
  • Created a new version branch called release and merged the pull-requests into that release branch. You can basically expect that to be the next version (1.5.12, but then with more pull-requests merged)
  • So after some testing and merging some more pull-requests we can go ahead with that new version.

That currency PR? It had 2 commits. I might need to grab those 2 commits for a separate PR.
Then we can merge that currency PR into the release branch and start testing.

The alpha-2.0.0- whatever version, we’re going to delete that one.

We’re going to start the version 2 from scratch, based on Laravel.
Current version 1.5 is based on CodeIgniter.

If you want to talk about it. I’m on Slack:

The files of the multicurrency version replace them with the new files of the version v1.5.11, also adding some lines of code that are green and removing what is red, I still can not solve.

After reading what you wrote I realized that there are huge contradictions in the project with the different versions.
My contribution to get the v2.0 out soon, I can give the project free hosting for 5 or 10 years.

I also thought that we should develop an ERP starting from IP2, I had thought that it has special and unique features. I love the IP1 project, but it should be improved on IP2 as soon as possible.

@UnderDog thanks for the clarification. I couldn’t find a roadmap, at least this page here is empty (InvoicePlane - Roadmap - InvoicePlane - An Open Source Invoicing Application).
Fortunately I found a solution for now using my old application, nevertheless I’m looking forward to replace that so maybe with invoiceplane. I don’t know what other features are in the pipeline, but will this “change currency per invoice” feature be introduced in 1.5.12 then?

It depends on whether I can merge that original currency solution into the release branch.

If someone can make a PR with the release branch, the currency solution and no notices (or other errors) I’ll try to get it into 1.5.12, ok