New template & feature for Offers/Quotations in v1.6.0

As i already tested some other alternatives but came back becasue of the simplicity and the way IP works I still noticed that nearly all other ERP/Invoice programms have pretty nice Templates when it comes to previewing the invoices and quotations, which is really nice, and as this gets send to the customer I would really like to have it.
I personaly like the invoices how they are but the online-preview can be much nicer to look at these days.

But when I criticize I wanna do it constructive. So here what I think would be cool:

1.) new template whith a nice clean responsive look
2.) a way to let the client/customer leave a message under the Offer/Quotation

I watched at some of the other solutions and decided to “copy” one of there offer sites to start with a example.

  • I edited it so no link is pointing anywhere
  • I tried to include all ressources directly to the html file so it is easily to view (inlined css and images)
  • I used standard cdn services for the other ressources (eg fonts)
  • I also edited the template and important parts so this is not a 100% copy

So I hope if someone here is who is building own templates, maybe you can try to build something like this which maybe gets included into the next release.

Here I will provide the HTML File and its content:


To download: index.txt (93.4 KB) just rename it to “index.html”

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Wow!, this looks really good.

I can have a dig into this over the weekend and see what I can knock out.

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Hi @M4rt1n, I like your template, I want to implement it today.

What would be the implementation?

It seems to be needed to copy all the styles to a new theme, for making this work. But indeed it looks nice! Really nice job.