Rest api for Greek invoice option

Hi i recently started using the invoicePlane app (just experimenting) but i discover that it would not be possible to use it in my country as for 01/01/2021 all the invoice softwares must have an option to add a unique rest api key (for each business/user ) to be connected with goverment taxes system in order to publish an invoice .

So would be a nice option to have that

here is the link for the test environment :

and :

thanks in advance

What is a unique rest key?
Per customer? So when I buy something in your company, what do I need exactly?

By the way… you’re not using InvoicePlane V2, are you?

the ‘‘rest api key’’ is an api key unique for the business (not costumer)
you need that to add it to your invoice software in order to send the data (every time you print an invoice) to the goverment taxes server

from 1st of 2021 as i said all the invoice software here in Greece must have that option (to add the rest api user key) in order to be connected with governments taxes server in order to produce invoices and send them simultaneously to their server

No i was playing with the V1.5.11 . haven’t installed the V2

It’s difficult to do that.
You need to add either that field to the invoice table or the user table.
The user is then your client.
We also have a clients table.
Then you need to adjust the forms to accompany that field, edit, delete, the usual.

I would never put an API key on a printed form.
An API key is super-secret.
So think about the naming. I would call it a unique_hash

Sending an invoice to a government server? Then you need to connect to that server.
Probably use the API key.

But how would you send that invoice to the government server? With PDF or through their API?

No i dont want to print my api key to the invoice…

in order to use someone the application the software must have the ability to send the data of the invoice to the goverment server (no to print the API to the invoice)

so it is necessary just sending the data to the goverment server (but in order to do that the software must have field to place your API key for the connection)

The format that must be send to the server should be : XML – eXtensible Markup Language

if you check the link you will see what is needed (it is a demo version for programmers to test their softwares. they have examples in code for PHP,Java,Python etc)

My Greek language skills aren’t the best and I didn’t feel like running it through Google translate.

It’s a good idea if you want to program it.
Use the examples that they gave you

This is a serious issue now for us in Greece. This transition has been delayed until 01/04/2021 because of the covid-19 situation but after that Invoice Plane wont be able to be a good invoicing solution here anymore. :frowning:

That’s too bad, but you need to do some programming yourself.
I’ll assume that they gave you some examples to connect to their API, give it a go, connect to their API and see if you can send information there

I don’t have the coding skills to do something like that :frowning:

Sorry for offtopic, is there V2 version ? Where i can download or read something about that ?

Thank you

@Lubos_Stofila Lubos the V2 version is going to be thrashed, we’re going to start from scratch.
Right now all we have is this V1 version, based on CodeIgniter.

If you really really want to make something, I would make a separate application, read the CSV files from InvoicePlane and send them to the Rest Api