Inventory System

It would be great to have an inventory system included in this. It doesn’t have to extremely complicated like it would for manufacturers but for distributors it would be great.

Any updates on this?

It will be included in InvoicePlane 2. And no, no release date available yet.

Good morning, actually invoice inventory is in version 2.0 and that feature is not included.
You have an estimate time?

Version 2.0.0 is not ready yet. May be included in the final version but no promises.

Since IP2.0 is in redevelopment, am wondering if the table structure for product inventory is created. Specifically, could we get the table structure to add into our our 1.5.x version?

I want to integrate an inventory system into my app and would be nice to have it 2.0 compatible so I dont have to rework my data when 2.0 comes out.


jdm the problem is that the structure needs to be improved first.
So let’s wait for version 1.5.x , then join the slack group and help us improve the inventory structure for 2.x ok

Ok. Thanks. I am in Slack; just need to wait for the release to contribute. I’ll be here…

Hi Team and people around the world who are using this great free software.
Inventory System wow if it could come in this it would be great let me know any one who have done it before or anyone doing it so i can ask you some help and get it done.

Best Regars.

I added a table for my distributor client to ‘receive’ merch. I modified the invoices to record how many items shipped in a separate column from how man ordered. With three tables, a simple inventory system can be presented in a products view:

I developed this SQL statement today…just not sure how to feed it through CI.

SELECT product_id, product_sku, product_name, Received.QntRec, Shipped.QntShp, QntRec - QntShp AS Bal
FROM ip_products
SELECT inv_prod_id, sum(inv_qnt_received) QntRec
FROM ip_inventory
GROUP BY inv_prod_id
) Received ON Received.inv_prod_id = ip_products.product_id
SELECT item_product_id, sum(item_qntshiped) QntShp
FROM ip_invoice_items
GROUP BY item_product_id
) Shipped ON Shipped.item_product_id = ip_products.product_id