Sales by product report

It would be good to know how much each product brings over a specified period.

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[size=10]Last Update: 15.11.2015[/size]

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+1 for this, would be a wonderful feature. Hopefully not too difficult to add either?

When selling actual products, this is an important feature.
It would also be great to see, in which invoices a product was used.

Everything is there:

select item_product_id, item_name, invoice_number 
       from ip_invoice_items, ip_invoices
       where item_product_id = 3 and ip_invoices.invoice_id=ip_invoice_items.invoice_id;

i would like this feature also shame its not yet been added if a developer says the base is already there for it in 4 years

Next time, just don’t reply to a 4 year old topic.
It’s called necroposting.

If you want the feature just go ahead and make a pull-request and we’ll take a look at it