Updating and moving to a new server


I have an older version of invoice plane and need to move it to a new domain for testing.
Then I want to rename the test domain back to the old domain name to go live when i am happy with everything. I am also moving, converting an old joomla site to wordpress at the same time in the same way. Invoice plane is in a folder of this install like mydomain.com/invoices

First I wondered where i can find out what my version of invoice plane. It does not seem to say in the back office.

Then I wanted to know the steps to update an older version of invoice plane to the latest. Do i have to step upgrade versions or can i go straight from the quite old version (about 5 years or more) to the latest. 1.6

Also when i change back the domain what files in invoice plane will i have to change when i the url of the new install from mytestdomain .com/invoices to mydomain .com/invoices

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am a self taught web person so i apologise if i am using the incorrect terms here,

I am a self taught web person so i apologise if i am using the incorrect terms here,

Don’t worry about that, it’s just lits of steps to answer.
To find the version, check composer.json. i Don’t know if the version was in there 5 years ago, but it’s in there for a while

Also check out https://github.com/InvoicePlane/InvoicePlane/tree/development/application/modules/setup/sql and /application/modules/setup/sql on your server. You’ll see some versions there.

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Thanks so much for the help. Would never had known where to look. Nothing in composer file
022_1.4.10.sql is the latest in /application/modules/setup/sql

If it would have been my own hobby project i would:

  • apply the sql filesto the database, 1by1
  • fresh install of 1.6
  • place that database in the fresh install
  • apply customizations that you would have made long time ago

For production project… would be interesting decision.
In your settings there should be a tab ‘updates’ which will fetch newer version of IP. Don’t know if it was there in your version.

The challenges you’re facing is not only your IP version. The PHP version from back then is … 4? 5?

That’s one of the reasons why i would ‘skip’ updating IP and go straight to version 1.6 with an updated DB