Issues with new installation on subdomain

I am trying to do a new installation (vers 1.6) on a subdomain.
I have followed all the steps as detailed in the instructions, but am getting a string of what appears to be PHP errors as below. (this is just the 1st error).
I am running PHP8.2 and have checked all the required modules are installed on the server.

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: 8192
Message: Creation of dynamic property CI_URI::$config is deprecated
Filename: core/URI.php
Line Number: 102
File: /home/triomarketers/public_html/
Line: 329
Function: require_once

Any advice will be appreciated - Thanks

InvoicePlane is not compatible with PHP 8.2

I have tried PHP8.0 and 8.1 as per the manual and was getting the same error. Thanks

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Creation of dynamic property is deprecated is a message that shows up since PHP 8.2 because, well, it’s deprecated since PHP 8.2

Would you mind just setting your version to 8.1 and throw away your log file?

Then you’ll have a fresh log for all other problems that may arise

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Thanks. I managed to get the error resolved.