New Report created - Invoice Tax Totals

I’ve create a new report for displaying Invoice Tax Totals. The report option is the Year and the report displays total taxes per Month, Quarter and Year.
I’d be glad to share it with anyone who needs it!

Hi @stathis,
Very useful, Nice job! Only three questions about your report:

  • Is your code valid for latest version 1.4.10?
  • How we can download report sources?
  • How we can setup/configure new report?


Hi, @Remo_Cosini,
The report was created using version 1.4.10.
In order to add a new report, you have to manually edit (and add) these files:

  • Edit file application/modules/layout/views/layout.php in order to add menu shortcut
  • Edit file application/modules/reports/models/mdl_reports.php to add the db query code
  • Edit file application/modules/reports/controllers/reports.php to add the controller code
  • Edit file application/language/yourLang/custom_lang.php to add string translations (used for the report form, the report output and the main menu shortcut)
  • Add new file in application/modules/reports/views for the form parameters
  • Add new file in application/views/reports for the report output

If you feel confidend of yourself in commiting these changes to your installation i’d be happy to send you the files!


Ok @stathis,
thank you for detailed explanation, I think I can make it, where I can download your code?

You can download code here:
I’ve included all required translations for English language. If you’re using Invoice Plane in another language, copy custom_lang.php file in the language directory too.

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Many thanks,
When I do, I’ll let you know.

Ok @stathis,
Nice job it works fine!

Thank :slight_smile:

Can you make a PR on GitHub?

Sorry, i’m not familiar with GitHub

No problem, I’ll try to adapt it from the files you’ve posted

Thank you for this outline for adding reports. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time.

@musa could you take a look and maybe implement the report if it’s still working?

@kovah Sure, you can assign it to me, I’ll give it a look later today.

It doesn’t seem to function anymore? Will this be implemented, ever, because it’d be very useful.

It does not work?
I thought about being able to do it in production, bad me.

You can make it work, it just needs some small modifications.

  • add CSRF input field to invoice_taxes_index.php
  • navigation is moved to application/modules/layout/views/includes/navbar.php

Hi @stathis
Very usueful,how can i add new attributes in an invoice?

You can add custom fields to an invoice. See the WIKI for details.