Accessing InvoicePlane in a private network from a public IP

Hi All.

i had an issue with my setting, my installation is in a server running in a private network, i was going to be like that always, but i was asked to make it public too, in that same network we shared a public IP address so we did a port forwarding for that but even if we did everything that appear in the Wiki we still didn’t make it work public.

IP_URL: is the wiki guide said to put the “domain/sub directory”, but this work great using IP address or domain if the server is the only one using that IP address, in our case was different if we put the public IP address it worked but only from outside the network, if we put the private IP address only work inside the network.

so i think the first mistake we did is to think tha IP_URL means the ip address but no, it only means where is installed the InvoicePlane, so if somebody has the same network setting than us just put the following:

follow the wiki uide and do everything even the optional part
IP_URL: /sub directory

and test it, it should work fine.

greeting and i must said the software is great and i encourage to us it 1000% and colaborate.