InvoicePlane 1.5.0 Beta 4 - Please help testing!


In my amount setting I only can change the decimals for VAT (BTW). This is set to two (2). I use a ‘,’ as a decimal seperator. When under settings>system settings tab Projects I enter 25 without decimals, 25,00 is saved/showing. However when I enter 25,25 the field is empty after saving this setting.

In beta 4 this is okay!


@Kovah Any updates on this bug?


If I create a client with no birthdate, 0000-00-00 is inserted,
resaving the client with 0000-00-00 doesn’t work, i need to modify this date before.

Each time you resave the quote,
tags are added automaticaly (and displayed) on article description…


Added an email address to an existing client and received the following when I clicked save.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxx/public_html/billing/application/helpers/date_helper.php:115)

Filename: core/Common.php

Line Number: 564


A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Error

Message: Call to a member function format() on boolean

Filename: helpers/date_helper.php

Line Number: 115


EDIT: Saw the above post. Client had no birthdate. Selected a birthdate from the picker, and saving succeeded.


Have to test this.

@Turboconnard and @DavidH
These bugs were already fixed but thanks for reporting.


Release date for final version 1.5

Just installed Beta 4 - but there are no stylesheets.

I inspected the html-source, a few files are missing. These files are not in the ZIP-File i downloaded here.


Thanks for the hint. Just noticed that an update completely messed up my local build script.
The package now contains all CSS files.


still wait for any help


Ok, tried it again with the new files, but now i get this error:

The configuration file does not exist.

Just replaced the files via FTP. ipconfig.php is here and configured as before.

EDIT: Forget this error - seems that application folder was not uploaded correctly…


I can’t reproduce this error. I am able to create quotes and invoices without any problems.

did you tried it with the new Beta? Also, is there anything logged in your browser console?


Because i often get time outs and folders / files are not completely uploaded via FTP:
Is it possible to upload new beta zip-file, unzip it via SSH on the server and then copy invoice template and ipconfig.php to the new directory and use IP with the new version?

If so and i have not to do any further steps i get an error when i open invoices or quotes. Dashboard and other things are working:

Message: Call to undefined function get_country_name()

Filename: /html/ip/application/modules/clients/views/partial_client_address.php

Line Number: 13


Yes, just make sure that you follow the upgrade guide if you upgrade from a previous version.

Thanks, I fixed it. Please replace the content of the file application/modules/clients/views/partial_client_address.php with these contents:


Ok, issue is resolved now with new code from github. Thank you!

Regarding update: So in my case (update from Beta 3 to 4) i have not to do any additional steps, just replace the files.

The upgrade guide is not 100% clear for me personally regarding this :slight_smile:

Next one :frowning:
I want to email the invoice to customer (using email template). I am getting this error:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined offset: 2

Filename: src/Tag.php

Line Number: 1806


File: /html/ip/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Tag.php
Line: 1806
Function: _error_handler
… and so on


Which PDF template do you use?


no users logged
issue is the same with the 1.4 and/or 1.5.x beta
can you login into my system to check it?
otherwise i do not see any change to fix this
please tell me where i can send access data


Own template, based on InvoicePlane.php with the following addition:

<?php if($invoice_tax_rate->tax_rate_id == 2) { ?>

Innergemeinschaftliche Leistung, steuerfrei gem. ...

<?php } else if($invoice_tax_rate->tax_rate_id == 3) { ?>

Innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung, steuerfrei gem. ...

<?php } else if ($invoice_tax_rate->tax_rate_id == 4) { ?>


<?php } ?>


Please update the template as the $show_discounts variable has changed.


Mir scheint, von Beta 3 zu Beta 4 wurde doch noch einiges verändert? :-/

Gibt es irgendwo eine Dokumentation welche Variablen sich geändert haben? Grad die Rechnungs-Templates dürften doch einige Anwender geändert haben.

Auch folgende Variable scheint es nun nicht mehr zu geben:

Diese steht noch in der Dokumentation drin, ich kann sie leider nicht abfragen mit z.B.

<?php print_r($invoice_tax_rates); ?>

Meine vorhin gepostete Abfrage der Tax-Rates funktioniert somit leider nicht mehr.


Bitte hier ausschließlich in Englisch schreiben, damit auch alle verstehen was geschrieben wird.

The only variable that was changed is $show_discounts as it was renamed to $show_item_discounts. The $invoice_tax_rates variable is still present:

Here is an overview on all available variables I get after using a completely fresh installation of 1.5.0 Beta 4: