Missing Invoices

Hello All

I’m using 1.4.8 and noticed some invoices are missing from the system when you "View Invoices " also if you search not there. if you use the settings and goto invoice Archive they are there.

We are about to upgrade to 1.5.2 : don’t want to pull faulty info accross…

any ideas? i did notice another topic which had the same issues but no answer and it was closed.

Hope someone can help

Actually I do not have any v1.4.8 running anywhere. v1.4.8 anyway is pretty old, so pls update much faster in the future as a lot of bugs/issues are getting fixed.

So I can not say exactly what is going wrong here. But maybe its a permission Error? Anyway pls update to the newest versions (as we do not support outdated versions) and report back if this issue may is fixed. If not pls open a Bugreport here: https://development.invoiceplane.com/

But pls follow these instructions and report back.

  1. Backup (FTP & DB!)
  2. save the Backup external
  3. update to v1.5.0 with this instructions upgrade-from-previous
  4. now update to v1.5.10 with the general update instructions (or even better the instructions I give you below)
  5. clear all Caches (also hardreload in the Backend)
  6. change your PHP version to PHP 7.0-7.3
  7. report back if the issue is solved in the new versions



Your Update to v1.5.10 (from v1.5.0!) should be “clean”.
To make it sure, pls follow this instructions:

  1. Backup backup backup
  2. Delete the following things:
    delete these folders (in rootdirectory) if you do not have installed any other themes:
  • vendor
  • assets

delete all files (in rootdirectory) but not :

  • .htaccess
  • ipconfig.php

Then go into the folder “application” and delete everything but notviews
Then go into the folder “views” and delete everything but notinvoice_templates” and “quote_templates
3. copy over all the content from v1.5.10 and overwrite existing files.
4. set (in “ipconfig.php”) DISABLE_SETUP to false
5. open /index.php/setup (or /setup) and follow the update instructions.
6. report back if everything was going well and if the missing invoices are getting shown.

Hi @M4rt1n

No this did not solve it … We now on 1.5.10 still missing?

Bug report https://development.invoiceplane.com/ link does not work!!

This tells me that php’s mysql (mysqli) extension is not installed or not activated!
Pls always check if your system meets all the requirements.

v1.5.9 => PHP 7.0-7.2 (plus all the needed PHP extensions)
v1.5.10 => PHP 7.0-7.3 (plus all the needed PHP extensions)

If you think your Server does already meet all required requirements I would have to have a look at your Server/Applikation and login to debug it more. Otherwise its hard to help.

But before this pls make sure you install all needed PHP extensions.

Yes … sometimes it does, sometimes not we are currently a bit short of ressources. We will get things back running the next days.

Hello @M4rt1n

Thank you for the install guidance … that all upgraded to 1.5.10
Now need to find out why we have missing invoices in the Invoice view - Just waiting for your dev. link to start working

Could you pls post a screenshot where you mark what is missing?
And where (in which view/page) do you see the missing invoices?

If the screenshot contains sensible informations you can send me a PM

Here you go

Well I also need a proof there have to be a invoice…
Pls do this:

Show me the generated Invoice PDF (which should belomg to there) does exist on your server.
Then show it does exist in the DB!

The reason for this is the following:
Its possible to set a setting in your ipconfig.php and beeing able to delete the Invoice. Deletimg invoices is also possible in the DB itself.

So if the Invoice does not exist in the DB it should not show up anyway.

Hello @M4rt1n

It’s in the Archive there are several like this completely random

No they don’t have access to the DB to delete anything. as i mentioned there are a Few missing
20159 -
20139 -
Invoice 20176
Invoice 20169 -
Invoice 20151 -
Invoice 20140 -
Invoice 20138 -
Invoice 20130

Ok so it seems they exist on the Fileserver.
But do these Invoices exist in your DB in the ip_invoices table aswell?
Or are they missing there?

By setting ENABLE_INVOICE_DELETION to true in the ipconfig.php you can delete Invoices within the Dashboard, so pls check if the DB does contain the missing Invoices or not.

It all just works if they are in the DB, generated PDF-Files does not mean the invoice exists, its probably just the file that still exists (due to not getting deleted)

Hi @M4rt1n

Yes they are in the table

Just some other info - these invoices would not have been deleted.

For further inspections I would need to inspect your Installation from within the application & server.
Can you pls do these steps:

  1. Backup you FTP & DB
  2. duplicate your application to another domain
  3. change credentials for duplicated installation to duplicated DB
  4. change the Login
  5. PM me with the login data

I then will have a look if I may find the issue

This is responsible for the page/view which is (at your installation) not displaying some invoices

@a2zcomputing thank you for being so patient while we get this resolved.
In the database, the second column from the left I see the number 4 for the missing invoice.
For existing invoices the number is 2.
I forgot the column name, but if the column is ‘status’ it makes sense.
Before you change the status to ‘2’ figure out why the status ended up at ‘4’. Then backup your database and change the status to ‘2’. Does the invoice show up?

Its not status but user_id, but you are right.
Means this Invoice was generated by another InvoicePlane User and should not show up at other users dashboard.

Think the mystery is solved now.

Thank Both.

Little confused, why can’t the main user(administrator) see all the invoices? there are only two users both as Administrators. several invoices as user_id 2 they can see so can user_id 4 by the other user?

I just created myself as another user I can see the invoices but still but not the missing ones.

do you guys want me to replace the code @Kovah ?

Again thanks for the help

Hi All

Done some more check I can see that user_id 4 invoices are not showing, but also noticed their is a User_id 5 ? they are showing fine?

changing the invoice 20159 user_id to 2 shows fine …do i change all of them ? what about user_id 5 ?

Again super thanks for you help team