Missing Invoices

Actually I never ran into this error. Do all of the users you (id 1-5) still exists or are some already deleted?
This have to be debugged a bit more. Will try to reproduce it the next days

Hello @Martin_Anonym

There have always been 3 users not 5 (I also checked that only 1 user created all the Invoices.)
Other users only check the statuses etc . if they were more users then they have been deleted as i can only now see three me + 2 others.

Looking at the DB there is a mix there are users_id with 4 - some show fine i’m happy to change any which are not showing to user_id 2

@a2zcomputing I hate doing little updates like that in a live database. I would only change it to user_id 2 on a case by case basis, so whenever an invoice is missing like in your question.