Custom field on template

I am running v2.0.0 Alpha 1

added a custom field no problem…trying to get it to show up on invoice and pdf following the guide here

no luck…any pointers?

no one? double checked it today…

Would help if you would add more details about that. What custom field, what configuration, how did you added the field to the template?

I copied the custom.blade.php as recommended to use for the base and added my custom field {{ $invoice->client->custom->column_1 }}

I placed it in the table as follows:

<td style="width: 50%;" valign="top">
        <h1>{{ mb_strtoupper(trans('fi.invoice')) }}</h1>
        <span class="info">{{ mb_strtoupper(trans('fi.invoice')) }} #</span>{{ $invoice->number }}<br>
        <span class="info">{{ mb_strtoupper(trans('fi.issued')) }}</span> {{ $invoice->formatted_created_at }}<br>
        <span class="info">{{ mb_strtoupper(trans('fi.due_date')) }}</span> {{ $invoice->formatted_due_at }}<br><br>
        <span class="info">{{ mb_strtoupper(trans('fi.bill_to')) }}</span><br>{{ $invoice->client->name }}<br>
		<br>{{ $invoice->client->custom->column_1 }}<br>
		@if ($invoice->client->address) {!! $invoice->client->formatted_address !!}<br>@endif

I have tried creating an invoice and choosing my template and also setting my template as the default invoice template and neither works.

Does adding other text or styling works? Would be important to know if the template itself isn’t working or just the custom field.

Sorry for the delayed reply…

No other text or styling works…so I went back and modfied the custom.blade.php file following the same directions and it does work…seems like it isn’t picking up my other file even though it is selected. I even copied the working custom.blade.php file and renamed it and it does not pick up the changes when selected.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help test/fix.