[Solved] Responsive visual errors android


I experienced some visual errors when I access to invoiceplane with my android phone. It is not possible to scroll down so I can not access most part of the menus and info. It makes invoice plane not useful for phone o tablets access. It happens with versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 of my own installation and with the demo version on the invoiceplane webpage. How can I help to fix this issue?

Yes, the mobile view is not quite optimized yet but the scrolling works. You only have to do it slow.

I find also problem in scrolling. In iphone it’s doesn’t work - only the top page is show and no way to scroll down even if you do it slowly.
Ho to fix it?
thank you

The layout problems will be fixed in the next version that will be released in the comming weeks.

good new!
thank for your job