Cannot see full table/list of Invoices on iPhone Safari browser 8.1.3

Continuing the discussion from [Solved] Responsive visual errors android:

I am actually still seeing these issues. I can not scroll the list of Invoices on my iPhone running iOS 8.1.3 right now. I am running InvoicePlane 1.2.1 currently. Seems this issue is the same as the one I’m continuing this discussion from, but in that discussion it was suggested the fix would be in the coming weeks and that was back in October. I do not see this resolved yet, unless this is a little bit separate. Either way, I’m having issues scrolling Invoices in InvoicePlane 1.2.1 with my iPhone Safari browser in 8.1.3. See image below for an example. Notice that the rest of the invoices never load.

I can scroll left and right, but never down. It fails to load any of the invoices past the first seven.

Any thoughts on this? Is it a bug? Anything I can do to help narrow it down at all?

Uhm OK…
I’ll take a look at this.

this is the same for my BlackBerry 10 browser

Development Reference: IP-207

Fixed, will be solved in v1.3.0