Error Installing v2.0 Alpha

I am trying to install the Invoice Plane v2 alpha, but i am getting the following error when i try to use the setup

exception “could not find driver (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from users)”

I have ubuntu 14.6 with apache v2. PHP version 7.2
MariaDB v 10.

I have the InvoicePlane installed under

i was not able to run the setup from

but it worked from:


Any one can help ??

Please change your PHP Version to 7.0 or 7.1. Version 2 does not like 7.2

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Version 2 works perfectly fine with PHP 7.2.1.

Thanks, but i did test with 7.0 and 7.1 still doesn’t work,

Another information to mention is that i have 5.6 and 7.0 co-exist, and i enable php7.0 as default in apache and cli mode.

Does this add to the problem, shall i remove 5.6 and try ??


php -m

You might be missing mysql module since it is not explicitly written down in IP docs. There should be two things: mysqli mysqlnd. If not install php7.2-mysql. AFAIK MariaDB is pretty much MySQL more or less so it should work.


sudo service apache2 restart

doesn’t hurt.

For good measure check if you are not missing any more php modules that are listed as prerequisites.

If you get any more issues after this step with new output make sure you have your database credentials in database.php sorted out properly.

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Thanks for the reply, i have the following already installed


and i did restart already couple of times.

Thanks, the PHP-MySQL was version 5.6, once i installed 7.2 everything is working now.

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