Statement of Client



Can you add a new feature that allow the admin to print the statement of client?

Example: I have a client has 10 invoices, 3 of them are not paid yet, so easily, generate a statement of balance contain all invoices (or selected some of them) to be showing in one single statement to let the customer review his payment transactions.



Last Update: 30.10.2017


Do we know if this is going to be considered for a next release? I would like this feature.


Can you provide us more details ? How do you want it to be integrated into IP ?
A new tab in the client list ? A new report ? What do you really need ? A PDF (single and unique file) with all balanced invoice ?


Of course! From my point of view I would like to be able to send out a client statement showing all invoices and payments in date order - oldest first. This would allow analysis of accounts over the year and would show an outstanding balance/balance of overpayment at the page bottom. This could be emailed to the client or printed off to be posted or stored in-house. I think this would be best placed in the clients detailed view as it would be relevant to one client at a time. Although, it would also be useful in the Reports section as you could email/print out a statement for all clients.

If there was a way to implement this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for providing more informations.
At the moment the main goal is to fix little bugs for the next release version and finish the new calculation order process for v1.6.0, but once all is done and if the future release don’t contain too much bugs then we will see what we are able to do (and if @Kovah agrees obviously maybe he has some other ideas that will be discussed between other dev)


I have started work in this for my own purposes. I am not sure how much interest there is in this feature for me to speed up development.

I am new to invoice plane and have some issues with the calculations, but I sure I will get there in time,

I also don’t know the best way to push changes to the git repo, so I’ll probably create a fork with my changes at some time.

Pic of menu option on client list

Pic of Statement



You may find information about contribution code here:


How can I test it to help the developer and to speed up the push changes task?


crafter has to make his code public before testing is possible.


Alright… notify me once done.

Will do my QA cycle and prepare a report for the statement task



I have pushed a first version of my code to a IP fork on github.

I am not too familiar with the contribution process but eventually I would like to see this on some parts being merged into IP.

For now, I have branched my code off the master branch.

I suggest you proceed as follows : -

  1. Create a branch of your current working branch
  2. Merge branch ip473clientstatement into your working branch

A few notes about this version.

  • It does not the statement on the db. Instead it creates it in real time.
  • By default, it show a statement for the last 30 days, Select a start date from the preview screen and refresh the page to change the statement parameters
  • It generates a statement number each time based on the client id and date. Change the statement number to your preference.



I created a new pull request for the 1.6.0 version of InvoicePlane. Code needs to be reviewed but looks promising for me. Thank you for your work! :+1: