Statement of Client


I had the same issue with the date but below is the workaround I used on all $date_time->getTimestamp();.

        $statement_date         = strtotime($this->input->post('statement_date_created'));
    //$date_time   = date_create_from_format("d M,Y", $this->input->post('statement_date_created'));
    //$statement_date   = $date_time->getTimestamp();

Also note that I have had to modify the compare_statement_dates function because if I had the same date for invoices and payments, it always showed the payments first and thus showing a negative balance unnecessarily. This just didn’t look aesthetically right.

So I modified the function as follows

    if($timeA == $timeB) {
		$transA = strtotime($a['transaction_type']);
		$transB = strtotime($b['transaction_type']);
        return $transA < $transB ? -1 : 1;

But thanks a lot for putting together the addition of the statement. You have made our lives much easier. Much appreciated.


Who is responsible to to merge the request pull? while the code is tested and working well!

From my side I preferred the release rather than modify the some files.


@snake_eyes do you mean crafter’s solution In his fork?
only a couple of people in our team can do that, because then we’re merging into our development branch
if you want you can clone it and merge in crafter’s solution in your development environment


Yup, while @Kovah is no longer updating the project and no further releases, can you suggest a person who is continuing development?


We all are continuing development, we’re just focusing on version 2 and not on version 1.
Version 1 will need a new release which could include pull requests like the one of this thread.


That is perfect, is there any time-frame for the next release?


Hi Crafter,

Any updates on this? I would really appreciate the ability to send statements via email. If you quite busy you can shed some light on how I can do it and I will give it a try.