InvoicePlane needs your Help!


@cgsmith Wow, hell! So, you are speaking of InvoicePlane version 1, right? This version really could need some improvements and I think a lot of people would love to see support for another Payment gateway like Stripe.
About that new framework: we are already on it but here you could jump in. Are you familiar with Laravel 5?


@kovah heh. I am familiar with Laravel. I mainly use other frameworks but they are all similar in tool sets. I should have a stripe integration within 2 weeks.


Just started using this, great tool with a lot of potential.

I’m a PHP developer by trade so will try and contribute in my free time where I can, is there a centralised list of tasks/features that need implementing for v1?

I will submit pull requests when I can!



I have used Fusion Invoice from the very beginning, now using invoice plane.

I would like to join the development of V2 project.



@painejake & @softgeeks
I sent you an invitation for our bug tracker. Please also read the contribution guide.

All issues / feature requests can be found here.
Please add a comment to an issue if you want to work on an issue / feature.

Please take a look at the roadmap for information about the current status. I could need help with checking and updating the database scheme.

Thank you for your help!


We’re using InvoicePlane internally in our company.
We’re still facing bugs on 1 regularly and we’re awaiting IP2 too ( we desperately want to get rid of anything CodeIgniter based ).

That being said I’d/we’d be glad to help with both projects.
We have accountants and lawyers that are willing to help improve the software by providing feedback by rejecting my own invoices :smile: .


Hi there, I’ve only just discovered InvoicePlane in the last few days and I’m really impressed. I’m a developer and would very much like to contribute, I haven’t had any experience of working with Laravel so may need to do a crash course but would like to put myself forward.

My only difficulty is time, my full time job means I am out of the house from 7-7 minimum so I would have to see how it goes. I’ve been wanting to contribute to open source software for a while and this seems right up my street. well done on what you have achieved thus far!!


Hi, I like your project and I would like to support your project. Just contact me if you need some support.
Regards, Jack


I already have be posting the Invoice Plane solution in the blog of my business web hosting. :smile:
Tank you for this great solution!

Invoice Plane Web Hosting en español


Hello @Kovah
I’m quite new in IP, and simply love it.
I will help on the community by looking o the issues the people reports. Trying to see possible solutions.
I can help on wiki or documentation if you need something in there.



I’d love to help out. PHP ninja, haven’t used Laravel, but I’ve used some other frameworks. Also have an eye for detail, so happy to help out with any visual stuff. Not to bad at JS either (if I can talk myself up a bit haha).

Where do I sign up? I’ve already submitted some stuff to the GitHub and I only installed my first copy today! I am loving InvoicePlane!

Happy to just keep submitting pull requests as I come across things I think need work / refinement.

Also, can add Australian translations + Australian tax stuff etc.


I have forked InvoicePlane1.4.3 and made a tremendous changes like refactoring database (no need prefix for each column) and quote workflow for business use.

The language style of Codeigniter is bad I think… Very hard to keep track the original sentence and you need to maintain the lang array key.

For the new version of InvoicePlane, Laravel is suffered from its performance issue but in general, I think it’s okay for invoice system.

I am a software engineer and I can help on the upcoming new version of InvoicePlane. @Kovah


Hi @mathsniper
Thanks for your offer. Would you like to merge your changes into the current InvoicePlane repo for version 1.6?
Also please create an account at development.I


@yeu and also email template.



The New Latest version of CodeIgniter is available now Version 3.1.0, Please Update this Version on Invoiceplane for better Performance!


We will move to Laravel with InvoicePlane 2.