InvoicePlane needs your Help!


@josimarevolution Hey!
Sure we could need every helping hand. If you want to help take a look at the Development Wiki:
You can find any information about contributing there.

At the moment I could need help with building all routes, controllers and related so we are ready to go for finishing the setup.


I read the information on, and I like to participate in the project, How could I do to start…


If you want to help feel free to pick any open, unassigned feature request from our issue tracker and start adding the feature.
You can also work on the documentation and make her better.


@fernando I just wanted to get back to your offer.
As there is a discussion ongoing about the design of the item table I just wanted to ask if you could make some mockups for the design for InvoicePlane 2?
I’m not a professional UI designer so I really could need some help.

We could collect all ideas and sketches and present them here and the community just votes for them.


I’m also a developer
how can I contribute to the development? :slight_smile:


@enzolarosa I would invite you to the issue tracker and there you can access all issues and assign them to you.


@Kovah Okk :slight_smile: Thank’s :slight_smile:


@kovah I would like to join!


@IceTimux Would you like to join our issue tracker too?


sure, don’t see why not.


I would like to join the community. I run a web hosting business ( ) and I have basic in php . I could help with translation in French , for example , or suggest improvements for French users ( including a variable tax called here : eco participation and other jargons. Thanks for your answer.



I would like to give my contribution, but I’m not an expert about PHP.

I’m expert in CSS3 and HTML5, so I could improve templates and responsive design… What do you think about it?



@akaffou You could improve the French translations on translations…
@yeu If you want you could create some new templates for both PDF files and the web preview.


Great! I’ll make it! :wink:


I have never even considered responding to a request like this, though I am certain I have seen such requests on plenty of open source software forums for software that I use and enjoy. But the quality of your software and the strength of writing in your appeal are too compelling to ignore.

I would love to throw my hat in the ring to help out the project in any way that I can. My real strengths are in copywriting, and I’d love to help you write your Tutorials, Wiki, whatever. As someone who lives outside the development of the project, I think I might have a unique, non-technical perspective that might appeal to end users, which is not to say that your documentation isn’t excellent, but I think sometimes it might help to be learning how something works from the outside and then teaching it to someone else. I’m also familiar with using wordpress and feel I could learn any other CMS quickly.

Recently, I decided I needed to learn more about web development so I could do more for my ecommerce (WooCommerce/Wordpress) site. I took several classes at a local community college and kept waiting for them to be interesting/usable. It occurs to me now that I could probably learn more working with you on something like this, and trying to be helpful where I can, than those classes will ever teach me. So I’d love to help out where I can, if you don’t think I’d slow you down.


I’m also really good with ideas, like: Do you have any idea how useful this application could be for tradeshow attendees wanting to write sales tickets on the show floor? You should really write some content aimed at that group and grow your base. Also, a killer app component for that segment would be the ability to snap a cellphone pic of business cards and populate the contact information into an invoice. I mean, that would make some VERY happy trade show sellers: They get a sale, scan someone business card, add the items to the invoice, send the invoice to the customer’s email and the customer opens the email on the spot, pays the invoice with Paypal and walks away with the product.


Hi @SouthernBoyTeas,
first of all thanks for offering your help. As you already stated that the wiki isn’t that good thing of a documentation I would really appreciate some ideas on how to make it better. I’ll write you a private message with some information.

About the trade show features: scanning a business card may be not that easy to implement directly into the app. But InvoicePlane will not be that static and will be accessible from other apps. As there are already apps that are able to scan business cards and extract the information. Maybe it would be possible to send these information directly to InvoicePlane where they can processed.


@Kovah I would like to work on an android app for this awesome project


@Riaz_Arora Hi there, thanks for your request.
InvoicePlane 2 will not get any ‘official’ mobile apps. IP will ship with an API which enables every developer to create his own InvoicePlane app or include it in an existing one.
But as long as the API is not ready you may have to wait.


Hi @Kovah I am an experienced developer that is excited to help. The first thing I am going to work on is moving it into Vagrant and Ansible for local development. Secondly, I have a business need of integrating Stripe and fixing a few invoicing issues (creating draft invoices and having cron send them when ready).

Feel free to follow along at

After that is done I will move it into a new framework… I might do one thing before the other.