InvoicePlane needs your Help!

The InvoicePlane project is nearly one year old and it’s amazing how the app and it’s community developed in the past months. I got and get a lot of help from people from all over the world and I really appreciate every single line of code, every single sentence that helps another user. But this is just the beginning!

How can you help?

InvoicePlane is a very large project which means there are also many things to do. I could need help with the following tasks:

  • Development for InvoicePlane 1 and 2
  • Community Management / Support
  • Copywriting (wiki and websites)
  • Promoters / Blogger
  • Translation

Development for InvoicePlane 1 and 2

Your benefit?

Working on InvoicePlane is basically a free-time job for developers who just want to help, need a challenge or want to improve their skills. I can’t offer any money to you but you will be one of these people who make the world a better place with developing an awesome, free and open source software for people who can’t afford SAP or other high-prices business solutions.

You may also get a free licenses for this software:

Ready to jump in?

If you want to help us developing you should

  • have fun with coding,
  • speak English good enough that anybody knows what you mean,
  • know how to write basic web applications with PHP
  • preferably already worked with Laravel 5

You can find more information about contribution here.

Community Management / Support

There is not much to say about this. Everyone who helps other users here in the community helps me with supporting the application.

Copywriting (wiki and websites)

Are you familiar with writing texts? You could help with improving the texts on the wiki or the website. You can just send me the texts you wrote and I will take care of them.

Promoters / Blogger

This is a task that is really hard to handle for a single person: promoting the project, spread the word and get new users. But everyone can help! Do you have friends, business contacts or relatives who may be interested in InvoicePlane? Then tell them about the project! They can try it for free, without any costs and benefit from a strong community.

Are you a blogger or like to write articles? Another task would be to write articles that include InvoicePlane. You don’t need an own blog, you can also publish articles for magazines or other related platforms. You could also write for our own InvoicePlane blog and explain the application, give tips or explain how certain things are working

Do you have other ideas? Write them down here or contact me directly!

Looking forward to hear from you!


How have you been able to cope without being a professional PHP developer or with little knowledge of Codeigniter?

I’m a near novice though can find my way round customizing some scripts hence my curiosity. Willing to come on board if I can find adequate guides to kick start me into doing what you want me to do.

Who knows, I can also be of help in terms of Research new features. Thanks

The thing is that I’m not the original author of the app. The codebase was left to me by the original author because he abandoned the project.

You can help in many ways and you don’t have to be a professional. Just tell me what you would like to do or what you are pretty good at and there will be a task for you. :smile:

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I would like to…
I´m the creator of the Laravel Toolkit (lara), using this awesome application locally on my Virtual-Machine and really would like to help this application grow! :slight_smile:


That’s cool!
What’s your Github name so I can invite you to our development chat.
Do you have a plan what you want to work on exactly?

The same as my username here… :smile:

Uhm… That´s a good question.
Maybe authentication, payment…?!

I hope there are developers who are willed to help. This projct ist too awesome to let it die!

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Hey there

I use IP for three weeks now and would love to help improving this awesome app!

I’m not a novice in programming, but in open source github usage…

Would like to work on the Invoice and Query Options because I already did some personal customizations on this Topic :smile:

Github Name is Pitma




Whoa dude, nobody said the project will die. It would just take longer if i have to everything in my own.


I asked some friends to check if they can make time to help you in development @Kovah. I hope that they can use their free time on the application!



I am very new to web developing but constantly learning to develop my website and systems for my family business.

I learn with php/html/css3. I have changed a lot of the default templates to customise it for my own business-type style which I am happy to share. I also used a few php “file includes” with if statements for many fields on both invoices/quotes. Basically, my invoice pdf and guest view is generated based on whichever fields (custom or not) are filled in and lays it out smoothly. I am currently writing my e-mail templates for different types of actions/customers (as I used to write a lot in a professional capacity in my previous job).

I have changed the English languages file to adjust it to UK English and reword where I felt it would be appropriate.

I am happy to share my work, if it helps to expand any templates or provide options to other users. It may not be the best, but the whole system works nicely so far for me with my subtle tweaks and very little training to my colleagues.

@fwartner if you have access to Laravel Twitter would be great to spread the word :wink:

I moved a post to a new topic: New Features for InvoicePlane

@gnacho Sorry… But i have access to some other tiwtter-channels… :slight_smile:

Any channel should be fine if gets more people! :smile:

Hi there,

@Kovah, do you require a UX/UI designer? If so, I am more than willing to contribute to this project.

Kind regards,



Hi there,
no not at the moment. We just started working on v2.
You can work on InvoicePlane v1 and make some smaller fixes but nothing important.

Maybe @fernando can take a look to the designs and make some suggestions. Why not?

Hi there,

@Kovah, do you require a developer, I can help you in any functionality for the new version of InvoicePlane, I worked with Laravel and also about some features of InvoicePlane

Kind regards, Josimar…