V1.2 Template Font Problems

hello, I love the new font in v1.2 but I have noticed that it is not very clear for smaller text.

Is there something I need to do to make it clearer?

The bold headings seem clear and very readable but the All/Draft/Sent/Viewed etc and also the actual custom details seem skewed. It doesnt appear to look rendered correctly.

If the font is supposed to be like this, how do I change the default font to something else?

The monospace font for amounts is excellent.

The font looks normal and clear on my computer.
Does the font looks like this on other devices too?

hello, thanks for the reply.

The font is very fine and clear on my blackberry. but on chrome and firefox (latest versions) it is skewed.

Look at this pic to see more text (sorry had to delete contact details from view)

Do you use OSX or Windows? Or another Linux system?
Could be a problem with the OS based font rendering.
My Windows PC displays some fonts in Chrome like that.

im using windows 7

So if it is my OS - is there a way to render it correctly by any chance?

You could search on Google for that, don’t know if there’s a fix for that.

I can confirm, on Arch linux font is blurred. And now my invoices and quotes have mess in š đ čć ž signs, croatian language in PDF output. But not inside Invoice Plane gui but the PDF which is sent by email and when arrived in user mailbox, has those signs messed. Like Encoding is all messed up. Can you tell me what was the font in 1.1.2 and how can I change it back?

Thats interesting as the font should include special characters.

Edit: yes I know what’s the problem. I just included the standard Latin set which does not include some special characters.

@AbbyNormal Could you send me some example texts which include special characters so I can test a little bit?

Ok. this is only a problem when an email is sent with pdf in attachment. Direct viewing of pdf in gui generates proper signs. Email which is sent with pdf in attachment is ok but pdf in attachment has messed fonts. You can test it with following text:


šaljem Vam predračun. Plačanje se vrši unutar 5 dana. Pišući ovo testiramo žumberać i srađivoš. Neki čimćir lovi šipolo. Žalažulja se šimiđala."

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Ok thanks. Seems to be a problem with the mPDF library we are using…

Can it be fixed before next release?

Btw. is it possible to change the font of gui? Unfortunately this one is to blurry for me and the switch to old one would work, but I don’t is it simple to change it without too much editing?


font-family: Noto, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;


font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;

from the used templates which are located at the /application/views/invoice_templates/pdf/ folder and the same for quotes_templates.

And that will reflect the whole InvoicePlane GUI, not just invoice templates?

No this changes the PDF files only, not the InvoicePlane GUI so your email attachments looks fine again.

I have tried with Noto out of the pdf templates but the result is the same. PDF taken by clicking download in InovicePlane is good but PDF in email which the client recieves as an attachment, has the č ć š đ and ž signes interpreted as squares.

Oh okay… that’s strange… :worried:

Yea, I know. Basically now, I cannot use the send Email feature becase pdfs on other side come out messed up. Should I revert back to old version? Did you maybe tried with the above text to send an email to your email address and open the PDF in recieved email and see is the font ok?

It’s working without the Noto font:

Are you sure you removed the “Noto” from all templates (also in the quote_templates folder)?
Should look like this:

Yea I did… The section that does emailing and generating pdf is probably doing something which messes up the encoding. But I don’t know why is good for you? The above section is in pdf you opened in email which you recieved, you didn’t opened it in InvoicePlane?

EDIT: Ok. I have used the default.php template which comes with 1.2 version. I have deleted the Noto font and its working. But when I use default.php template from 1.1.2 version, it is messed up.
So, everytime when InvoicePLane gets upgraded I should manually edit templates and add values I changed in version before? Copying tempaltes from old version is not supported?