V1.2 Template Font Problems

Thats weird as I only added the Noto font to the templates and nothing more. There should be no difference…

Edit: tested this with a v1.1.2 template and it’s working without any problems?! And the characters are shown both with viewing the PDF in InvoicePlane and with opening the PDF from an email.

Ok, Noto font is removed. But the problemis present when I’m using a custom template:

  1. copied default.php to mytemplate.php.
  2. edited mytemplate.php
  3. Set in system settings the mytemplate.php is used. Everything is good, but only pdf in recieved mails have latin2 chars messed
  4. MOVE mytemplate.php to default.php template. Now the recieved pdf in email is good.

EDIT: eh, I don’t know in the end. I have tried to much options, deletion so maybe this is not correct. We’ll see in next version, ignore this. Maybe Noto is the cause although I did tried after removing it and it was still present.

I think this could be a problem caused by the file encoding. Could you send me the template so I can check it?

Well. only relevant part is left intact so I don’t know now anymore. I have removed Nato and then overwrite default.php templates with my custom templates but leaving the defaul name - default.php.
This part is intact:
meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=UTF-8”

Also file -i of both custom template and default.php template is UTF8.
default.php: text/html; charset=utf-8