InvoicePlane needs your help testing a new feature: calculation order

Hello Community!

Tested feature: select if discounts are calculated before or after taxes

I’m currently working on making the discount feature more flexible. You should be able to choose how discounts are calculated with one of the next InvoicePlane versions.
But now I need some users who want to test the feature and check if everything is working as expected as I’m not 100% sure if the optimized calculation is correct.

:books: Testing information

To test this feature please download the updated package from here. You can now upgrade an existing InvoicePlane instance or create a new one with the setup.
To test the calculation please check the new settings page “Amounts” and choose different settings for the calculation options. Then try to create some new invoices (quotes are currently not supported) and check if the amounts matches the expected results.
If you find any wrong calculations please post a screenshot with all amounts and your settings here.

Spreadsheet with testing results

Thanks for your help.


Hello Kovah !

I’ll help test this new feature

But I can’t install on a WAMP stacks:

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1060

Duplicate column name ‘item_product_id’

IP-408 - Add reference to products to items ALTER TABLE ip_quote_items ADD COLUMN item_product_id INT(11) DEFAULT NULL AFTER item_tax_rate_id;

Filename: C:\Bitnami\wamp\apache2\htdocs\InvoicePlane\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 331

How can i proceed?

Thanks and srry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I corrected the SQL statements, you can download again and try to install, it should work now.

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Thx, it’s fine now.

Testing taxes and discounts right now.

Seems to work perfectly for me in the firsts tests.

I’ll test another situations later, and report soon.

Thx for the hard working!

Hello, I will test this feature too. This is something that I use on my invoices, so it’s very interesting to see how it works.
Thank you.

Tested this feature and it worked perfectly fine. :slight_smile:

I need help.

I was running opera and it was working fine.
then yesterday it seem to change and i couldn’t make new quotes or save existing quotes.
it would just log me out and displayed the login screen in the actual dashboard itself.
then i moved to chrome and it started working like noraml again.
until i took the system off debug mode. and now either on or off in debug mode i have the same issue!? :frowning:
Anyone able to help me fix this issue?

Quotes are currently not supported. The test version is just about invoices and there may be conflicts with the settings and calculations

I don’t know if it’s my server, but update 1.4.7 has a spinning wheel issue when saving invoice. I have moved back to 1.4.6 and everything working perfect.

Oh one thing, the version under update tab in system settings does not change from 1.4.4 to the updated to newer version and always insisting there is a new update available.

@KondjaBoytjie This is a test version and not finished yet.
Could you please share the debug logs about invoice saving?

Where do I find the debug logs

Canada EST -5 GMT
Installed 1.4.7 IP411 as upgrade on working 1.4.6 site
tested before tax with tax at none and disc and worked as expected.
tested after tax with tax at none and disc and worked as expected.
tested on product line with no tax and system hung with spinning cog wheel
backed out and tested again same result
tried another invoice, clicked save and same result.
Now cannot edit any invoices, seems to be stuck in some sort of loop.
Would be better if you offered some sort of test scenario so we can determine where the error is coming from

I will have to do a restore to get back to working 1.4.6


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Also noted that the “Calculation Order” feature in on both Amounts Tab and the General Tab.

I have tested and it works fine.
I have send an email for partnership

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