Invoice email not sending & Force Logout

I have around 20 invoices created, and when i try to send them as email the first 12 emails were sent out fine, however as soon as i try to send the next one (lets say 13th email), the browser logs me out instantly.

i am not sure if its a webhosting (godaddy) issue or some invoiceplane issue. Steps to reproduce:

  1. i have around 20 invoice created under my invoice section.
  2. from dashboard i go to view all invoices
  3. from the list of all the invoices, i click on options on right.
  4. click on “send email” and the form opens up
  5. now i click on “send” on top right corner
  6. it takes me to invoiceplane login page (im logged/kicked out) of the system.

please help.

(some background on email settings: I tried using godaddy smtp settings with ssl, but it failed. i also tried using phpmail and sendmail and both didnt work. finally i was able to use godaddy smtp with “NO SSL” and port 80 and it worked for the first 13 invoices. and there after the above logout issue started).