Embed QR code in PDF template?

It Will be better if its automatically embedded in to the invoiceplane pdf template. Now i am currently using the fallowing code to verify the invoice

<a>This is computer generated invoice. Seal and Sign Not required ! Please <a href="<?php echo site_url('guest/view/invoice/' . $invoice->invoice_url_key) ?>">Click Here</a>To Verify or visit the link <br> <?php echo site_url('guest/view/invoice/' . $invoice->invoice_url_key) ?></a>

it will be more helpful if its with qr code .

I’ve split your question from the old topic.

Someone has made a pull-request to embed a QR-code, maybe that can help you:

I think you meant this :wink: PR #942 but here I used QRcode as an example.

Another way to get QRcodes on your invoice is to try my “tutorial” - EPC/SEPA QRCode