Credit invoice date not correct


when making a credit invoice using 1.6.1 the latest release, the old dates from the old invoice is being copied. but the date needs to be the date when you make the credit invoice.

does someone know how to fix this bug.


So … with your problem, filling / answering a part of the Github Issue template will help.

Here are the relevant pieces:


Screenshots would help. Remove sensitive information

Steps to Reproduce

thanks but i cannot see the info you shared

Just think of the steps to reproduce your problem.

Someone will try to recreate your problem, right before he wants to solve it.
Which exact steps does he need to take.

And maybe show screenshots with those problematic dates.

if, as underdog asks, you can take some screenshots and add the steps to the problem report I can/will take it over.
I have in fact also discovered the Credit Note/Invoice problems (a.o.; error with dates, menu item ‘create CN’ visible on a credit note/invoice page itself, ‘invoice’ entries on a CN instead of ‘credit note/invoice’) and made the necessary adjustments in the code and in the templates for this.
FYI. See my forum item here.

you no longer need to create a new Feature Request on Github because I am going to include (solve) your problem and integrate it into [Feature Request] Credit invoice with different template #763.