New Installation Parse Error!

[09-Jul-2023 10:38:53 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Dotenv\Exception\InvalidFileException: Failed to parse dotenv file. Encountered an invalid name at []. in /home/folder/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/folder/ Dotenv\Parser\Parser::Dotenv\Parser{closure}()
[#1]( /home/folder/ GrahamCampbell\ResultType\Error->mapError()
[#2]( /home/folder/ Dotenv\Parser\Parser->parse()
[#3]( /home/folder/ Dotenv\Dotenv->load()
[#4]( {main}
thrown in /home/folder/ on line 30

PHP Version 8.1. It also falls directly to 500 errors. I shared the content of the error_log file with you. Can you help me?

Hi, did you install InvoicePlane by following these instructions? InvoicePlane Wiki - InvoicePlane Wiki (especially pt. 6)

When taking the files to the standard main directory and applying the specified steps, an extra module that must be loaded during the first installation phase. It needs to be a file because it automatically drops to 500 error after doing as standard.

The content of the error_log file of the 500 error I have experienced in the first installation should be done here on the server?

Can you kindly confirm that you commented out the first line of the ipconfig.php file as stated at the instructions at point 6 of the instructions?

Your error output points to a known issue that is solved in the upcoming version 1.6.1 and can also be solved by following the instructions as pointed out above.

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Thank you. After the specified arrangement, 500 error was solved.

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