I will stop developing on v1 after 1.4.0 is released

Hello community,
about one year ago I started working on InvoicePlane and the evolution of the project is quite exciting and I want to thank all contributors for their work!

But back to the headline: I want to stop active development on InvoicePlane version 1 after the release of version 1.4.0. After that I only work on security patches and smaller bugfixes but I will not add any new features on my own. But this doesn’t mean that InvoicePlane is dead!
I just started to work on InvoicePlane 2 and want to focus on this task. I have only a little time to spend on active development and want to use this time as efficient as possible.

The following new features will be integrated into 1.4.0:

  • –Discounts for items and the whole quote / invoice (IP-86)-- Done!
  • –ToDo lists / tasks for invoices (IP-162)-- Delayed
  • –Invoices and quotes will get a new layout (IP-242)-- Done!
  • –Clients can be changed on quotes and invoices in draft status (IP-215)-- Done!
  • –Invoice Archive that stores a copy of any generated / sent PDF so you can access it later at any time (IP-202)-- Done!

Update: All issues and features are ready for release, testing now.

For more information about version 1.4.0 take a look at the version development page.

What about the other feature requests?

All other open feature requests will be left open an may be directly included in InvoicePlane 2.
If any developer submits the code for a new feature this will be integrated and released.

I hope you may understand my point.

PS: we celebrate the InvoicePlane birthday on 21.05.2015. Feel free to share your ideas for the birthday party here. :tada:


“Delivery notes” and “Report of work” will be implemented on v2 release or will not be implemented ?

Sorry but are a lot important for my business, I need to know that.

Thank’s a lot for work.

As I said all open feature requests may be included in v2 but which ones is still open.

Well done boss.

I think with regards to new features, v2 should be implemented in such a way that would encourage easy integration of plugins to serve the various needs of users here rather than trying to satisfy everyone bearing in mind that there’s been no software made which 100% satisfied her user.

With the plugins made available at premium cost, it would in turn would aid the upkeep of this project.

I also think that the project should maintain its status quo and not try to drift off to accommodate features that may not be directly related to its initial idea, but rather allow for its extension by way of plugins.

Once again well done team.

Sure, the option to add plugins / add-ons will be included.

Kovah , how about the multi-currency for further version?

Guys please! Take a look at the development board vor here in the feature requests category, there are all featurerequests listed.

@simxware This is open source, if the features you want are not going to be developed and you really need them, you can always do it by yourself (or hire somebody who knows how to do it).

If you do so, would be great to share your code with the rest of the community.

unfortunately I do not have the programming skills to do it alone.
thanks to the work that I do, in the field of management software precisely, I have experience with respect to how it works, the necessary items, headings and db tables that could be used, but are not able to implement them in invoiceplane.
being the base of this project very valid implement the various types of documents used in various fields would make it one of the best.
I could still help by creating, knowing tables and items to be used in advance of the report that I would use it myself and then share them with the community

Continuing the discussion from I will stop developing on v1 after 1.4.0 is released:

But still, there’s a chance your requests are not developed by anybody. We have no right to demand features, as the community colaborating with this project are not getting any reward.

Maybe if you don’t know any developer to help with requests, you can use BountySource.

PS: I’m just saying this because I know an open source project without revenue and strong community is destined to die (as Fusion Invoice died to be reborn here).

I hope we can make this project strong and long-term sustainable.

The possibility of donations may be taken more into consideration.
I don’t find request of donation anywhere.
Is a valid project.

You may create threads of “interest” implementations with surveys … where anyone could provide material aid and who can and could “create” function.

But they are just thoughts …

Go to the main page and scroll down. You’ll see. :wink:

Already available: “Feature Requests” category.

thankyou for this nice piece of software.

I had to change the configuration of PDF output, which I did in the related files. Would be nice to have a possibility to keep these changes after updates.

As was said it’s very nice piece of code.
Thanks a lot for this work.
My project where I’ll plan to use InvoicePlane for invoices probably will be release
similar to IP in fall 2015 in Alpha state.
I’ll add some not trivial features to code like separate admin-user logins (to see
their own invoices only), translations to polish, better PDF generation, etc …
And will be developing & maintaining in the future.
My situation is maybe similar to @simxware but I’m freelancer - know CI and Laravel.

So @kovah do you suggest use a V1 code (CodeIgniter) or better V2 (Laravel) now?

@pauluz Im not sure if I understand what you trying to say.
Do you want to develop a completely new software on base of InvoicePlane or do you want to implement the features into the project itself?

Hi Kovah,

Thanks a lot for this information. When we are using now R1.4, can we easily upgrade to 2.0 with our existing Database?


Yes the upgrade will be possible without problems.

@Kovah, Dank für den Reply. Wir möchten als Startup gerne invoiceplane nutzen. Wir würden dann quartalsweise gerne für das Projekt spenden, sofern sich das System bewährt. :smile:

Sehr genre! :slight_smile: