Whitepage after setting up database


i’ve seen that a few guys had the same problem, but i tried to do what htey did and could not get this running.

After entering my database details (I create a db and a user specific for this application), I get a whitepage in your setup menu. The data gets populated in database.php, but no table gets created in mysql.

neither error or access log file from httpd provides meaningful feedback.

which log should I check? I suspect your script may not have the good rights to create those tables but i could be wrong. I have no way of finding out. thanks.

Check the app logs which are located in /application/logs/
If you find an ERROR there please post it here.
But if you set up an user which has normal rights for the database all tables should be created without any problems.

I am having the same issue. It is very strange as I am able to repeat the first 3 steps without issue, but after clicking continue on create database, the next screen is white. I am unable to access the main site either. Application logs are blank.