What is wrong with you guys

I have been asking for support but no one seems to be interested in helping me…

This is a small community where people are not 100% focused on developing this software, but most of us have jobs to attend to and then development is rather a “nice to have”. Don’t complain please. This isn’t a large company where people get paid for their work!

Okay. But everyone else is always answered but me.

It seems that you missed that InvoicePlane is a free software you didn’t paid anything for. As long you don’t pay anyone for support you have to wait for an answer like anybody else.

If you don’t get an answer it may be caused by the topic itself and your problem seems to be very special.

Okay, i’m also contributing to the little I can, because one day, you will use this software for commercial purposes. I have seen this happen many times. I use to give support to open source things and they eventually become commercial from our effort…

Yes but this doesn’t mean you have the right to claim anybody for help.

At the moment there are no plans for the future to make InvoicePlane a commercial product and until it may become one the support is based on the community.

Okay, apologies for my behaviour.

Don’t want to be rude but I checked some questions you asked and the way you ask them is not very clear. A path to where you went and what you do step by step might be helpfull. Adding one or more printscreens could also make things more clear. I’m willing to help you but I’m new to invoiceplane but got a lot of server experience and my php and mysql knowledge is ok as well.

Solved, thanks guys. and sorry for having been rude.