What about dashboard redesign?

No matter how many invoices or quotes you have, there’s always a big blank space at the bottom left of the page, and I think it could have better use.
Imho there’s no need for quick actions (as menus have only two ar three options each, they’re easy to find), and this make a big chance to put invoice information on one side and quote information in the other.
So it can be like this:

Quote Summary Invoice Summary
Quote overview Invoice Overview
Recent Quotes Overdue Invoices
Recent Invoices
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I never thought about this… But its a great idea. Ill take a look at this.


Looks weird. Any ideas?!

I kind of like it. It’s more tidy than the one right now. Anyway, seems weird because the elements are not aligned. Attach a mockup which kind of remove than “weird” impression. All elements are aligned, but need to make one more clic on overdue invoices in order to know details.

It’s a fast mockup of a fast idea. Any improvement will be welcome.

Anyway, as I said, I like the new view more than the one the program has now.

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Overdue invoices would look like this:

Edit: Fixed in 17ff96b


Thumbs up team on the development so far.

Was thinking, if there are anyway to bring back the metro-like layout of the dashboard as it was in the Fusion Invoice app? If possible make it as part of the setting to allow users change as required?

Current layout is superb but for some users who may want to get a quick overview of their platform, the Fusion styled dashboard I think would go a long way in solving this need.

Long to hear from you. Cheers.

The dashboard will get some fixes like these above but the real redesign (and maybe alternative designs) will be integrated into the next major version.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Any idea when the next version will be out? I so long for that view :smile: I appreciate your team’s work so far.

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