Web service with api

would be nice to create quotes and / or invoices also via applications “external” for example, a service that makes the billing without administrator intervention, for example, a web service that “works” alone and you need to invoice … would be nice to integrate the two systems in order not to go crazy administrator, and avoid running double invoicing,
then through a service API I will create a quote, an invoice and possibly decide whether to send her directly to the customer (via invoiceplane using any email templates already inserted such as the default)

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:


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Thats already planned for InvoicePlane 2. A complete API that can be used to do nearly everything from another app.

I’d also like to see an API. At my current invoicing software I already have an API built in and there are quite a lot of possibilities. However being as it is, there’s almost to no documentation about it which renders it useless for most 0 8 15 users. So if there were an API I always wished there is a very good documentation coming with it.

So +1.

API still in plans?

Sure, but read Development Stop for InvoicePlane 2