[v2] Could the app be extended by plugins?

We have to find an easy way to make sure that the app can be extended by plugins.

Just a first idea: use the built in Laravel Packages and Service Providers that both allow plugins to alter the core with views, translations, config files and routes.
The problem: we have to implement a way to install the packages which can be only done with Composer via the command line. But implementing a way to work with the command line could maybe used for automatic updates (e.g. php artisan migrate) so we could kill two birds with one stone.

Maybe it´s a idea to create a package, that would scan a specific folder in the application for a json or xml file and parse the information which is provided in this file to the backend in a plugin-manager-thing.

Then we could wrap up the plugin and extend the application. (This was the way, i did it in the past with .NET Applications :stuck_out_tongue: )

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