Users roles for customization

Hi There, first of all congratulations for this very good job, its very useful. My request is related for the users roles. I have a client who need to assign his sells team all the facilities of the software, but he only wants to manage the Pay status of each invoice. I mean, the user (seller) can create and modify clients, quotes and convert those in invoices, but only he want to see the finals status of the payments, to have a internal manage and to prevent any hack of a bad ass employee :wink:

This feature would be a major upgrade in the system at least until I need. Ill have no problem at all to pay for this customization, in order to not solicitate to make plugins or packages for paid downloads on the system and not breake the spirit of free software.

Sorry for my terrible english.


Hi there!
As of the size of this feature this will be included in v2 of InvoicePlane but not v1.
I added a request for that in the official repository:

Thanks Kova, Sounds good. In the meantime or for the beginning, let me tell you that other similar but not so good softwares like simpleinvoices, had a third user role than administrator and read only, is the “user”, He can do all but acces administative settings.
That will be a good starting point. If I knew some programming trust me i would help.

any way, thanks for all.