Upgrading Instructions Need Updating at Wiki

In the upgrading instructions on the Wiki, it reads to NOT copy over database.php. I think that it should further include some notable mentions, as follows:

  1. .htaccess (if no changes in the upgrade) should NOT be copied over. [Because my original install was to a subdirectory, this caused me a great deal of grief when I updated.]
  2. a warning that template or language files that have any customization using their original file names will be lost if default files are copied over in an upgrade. [Luckily I had copies of the customized files.]
  1. Make a backup of your database and all files.

That would save all made changes.

Edit: by the way: you should now use the “custom_lang.php” file to add custom language strings or override existing ones.

I agree, i also ran into this exact problem, once solved it was all good… but was annoying to begin with.